Geneva – The Perfect 4 Day Itinerary

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Are you thinking of whisking your other half away for a few days to the stunning city of Geneva?  Or perhaps you fancy a trip with your BFF but need some ideas on what to do.  Look no further!  

I’ll be giving you the PERFECT 4 Day Itinerary for Geneva – it’s ready to go when you are and includes some cracking sights, fun and frolics such as:

  • Relaxing on a private city-centre beach with the nesting swans;
  • Experiencing jaw-dropping views of Geneva (mountain climbing and miniature donkey viewing optional);
  • A train ride bound to send you into a rhapsody;
  • Shopping, culture and the best spots for an afternoon of relaxing;
  • Not to mention where to get all of the best vegan food along the way!
The harbour in Geneva lined with boats

For our third wedding anniversary I decided to book a 4 day trip to Geneva with my HB, Rob.  It was one of those put a pin in a map kind-of-scenarios and Geneva was the winning destination.  Wow is all I can say!

The city is simply stunning and not like any I have come across before.  It is set around the glistening waters of Lake Geneva and is surrounded by snow topped mountains.  

Beautiful old buildings are scattered amongst modern structures and there are many perfectly manicured and established parks in which to enjoy a picnic or an afternoon reading a book in the sun.

The city is clean and easy to navigate, with cheap and often free public transport.  I felt completely safe walking around at all times and the city has an upmarket feel without being pretentious.

When everything is taken into consideration – natural beauty, greenery, mix of old and new, transport, cleanliness and safety, Geneva is up there as one of my favourite cities in the world and I would jump at the chance of going back.

The big broken red chair in Geneva

Without further ado, here’s The PERFECT 4 Day Itinerary for Geneva, including all of the delicious vegan hot spots along the way:

DAY 1 – A private beach so cheap its a steal!

On your first day in Geneva, wander down to the lake in the morning sun and head along the water’s edge on the opposite side of the famous Jet D’Eau.

You’ll find the entrance to the public baths for which the entrance fee of just a couple of francs is well worth it.  The pier takes you out onto the lake where a small beach has been formed to allow people to sit, sunbathe and swim.  It looks out across Lake Geneva, with the snow-topped mountains in the background; simply stunning.  We also happened upon a swan nesting on the beach, which was a magical sight!

From the baths head into town to browse the shops, of which there are many; ranging from Tiffany & Co to market stalls.  The food hall in the Globus department store is particularly wonderful and has an extensive chocolate selection at the back (#priorities), several of which were vegan.  We shared a rather delicious pear and almond number as an afternoon treat.

Today’s Vegan Foodie Tip:  Grab a take-out brunch from vegan health-cafe ‘Alive’ (on Rue des Barques) for a picnic in the beautiful English Gardens.

I recommend the INCREDIBLE Svickers bar (vegan snickers) accompanied by a turmeric latte with hazelnut mylk.  Yum!

A swan sitting on a nest of eggs on the beach in Geneva

DAY 2 – The Most Stunning View in Geneva

Mont Saleve offers breathtaking views of Geneva set amongst the snow-topped mountains and can be reached by foot or cable car.

If you like a challenge then hiking the mountain might just be for you!  It is not for the faint-hearted though; other than the Inka Trail this was the hardest hike I’ve ever done and even the HB (who has completed 3 peaks) said it was hard.  

The terrain is steep, uneven and slippery and it takes around 3 hours to complete (some of which is on all fours…) however if I can do it, chances are you can too!  Also, there happen to be 3 miniature donkeys in a field on the way up… just saying… (OMG).

Three miniature donkeys grazing in long grass in Geneva

If hiking isn’t your jam, the cable car will whip you to the top in a matter of minutes.  Grab a drink at one of the 3 restaurants at the top and enjoy the tranquil view.  There is also an option to walk another 20 minutes to the observatory if you fancy that but the view is beautiful either way.

Today’s Vegan Foodie Tip:  Mu-Food on Rue de Lausanne is a vegan restaurant you simply must not miss in Geneva.  Head there for dinner to sample what will be some of the most delicious vegan food of your trip.

I recommend the Japanese tempeh, wild mushroom and baked asparagus stir fry in a rich teriyaki sauce, which comes piped with smooth and creamy mash.  It’s absolutely delicious!

DAY 3 – Thunderbolts and Lightning in Montreux

Ok, not actual thunderbolts and lighting (well hopefully not) but Montreux was the home of Freddie Mercury and will surely set your heart alight with it’s beauty. 

The train ride from Geneva is stunning enough but when you reach Montreux, it will take your breath away.  It runs along the lake and the snow topped mountains are RIGHT THERE.  Literally right in front of you!

It’ll send you into a bohemian rhapsody.  Ok, ok, I’ll stop the Queen references if you promise to go alright?!  

Just make sure it’s a clear, sunny day to get the most of the view and your walk along the promenade.

Today’s Vegan Foodie Tip:  Slup is located opposite the Ibis Hotel on Rue du Grand-Pré (just up from the train station) and has a great selection of vegan dishes on the menu including some rather delicious sounding desserts such as crepes and tiramisu.  Nom.

I recommend the tempeh, lentil and mango salad which was a refreshingly tasty and light lunch (aka you then have an excuse to go to town on the dessert menu).

DAY 4 – City Exploration and Up Your IG-Game

Spend your final day in Geneva exploring everything that the city has to offer.  There is so much to see and do – from shopping, to more cultural aspects such as museums, United Nations and the Cathedrale de St-Pierre.

There are also an incredible amount of parks and each one that you come across will seem more beautiful than the last.  I thought the Parc Des Bastions was particularly stunning, not to mention perfect for passing a few hours reading a book if you fancy a relaxing afternoon.

Today’s Vegan Foodie Tip:  Green Gorilla in the town centre (Rue de la Confederation) is IG-friendly with rustic wood tables, the obligatory succulent plant and some cracking avo toast.

I recommend a fruity acai bowl to start followed by avocado toast drizzled in balsamic – pure heaven! 

Red roofed buildings in Geneva

Top Tips :

  • Opt for Brunch and Linner.  Geneva isn’t cheap – allow around 80Fr for a dinner for 2; around 20Fr each for a main, 7Fr each for a drink and 10Fr each for a starter or dessert.  To make it cheaper we opted for 2 meals a day (Brunch and ‘Linner’) with a snack bar if we were hungry in between.
  • Supermarket Mylk Dash.  Geneva isn’t fully up to speed with veganism – There are some lovely vegan restaurants but dairy free milk isn’t common place although some do have it so it’s worth an ask.I’d recommend nipping to the local supermarket and picking up some rice milk or similar so you can grab a cuppa in the hotel room when you want to.
  • Tram it.  The public transport in Geneva is spot on.  Make good use of the trams which are easy to navigate and very cheap.  There are also regular buses and trains so no need to uber or taxi it anywhere, saving yourself a pretty penny!  We booked with the Ibis Hotel and actually received free travel passes so it may be worth checking with your hotel.

If you’re looking for the low down on the top vegan restaurants in Geneva, head on over to the blog ‘A Vegan Visit to Geneva’ where you’ll also find my recipe re-creations of the best vegan food from our trip!

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