5 Easy Vegan Recipes To Try During Lockdown

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5 easy vegan recipes to try during lockdown – including dinners, snacks and dessert!

1. Toad in the Hole

Tasty vegan sausages surrounded in a golden crisp-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside Yorkshire pudding style batter.

Prep time is minimal – whisk up a basic batter whilst your sausages cook for a few mins in the oven, add the batter and let it do it’s thing.

Serve it with lashings of gravy (the only way!) and a side of rough mash and peas.

A person holding an oven dish filled with vegan toad in the hold, with a striped blue cloth

2. Swiss Mac N Cheese With a Crispy Bacon Topping

Macaroni and bite-size potatoes in a creamy, cheesy sauce. It’s topped with crispy fried ‘bacon’ and onions, and traditionally served with a side of homemade apple sauce.

Inspired by a trip to Geneva, this dish takes just 30 minutes from start to finish.

A large dish of vegan mac n cheese topped with veggie bacon, melted cheese and served with a side of apple sauce

3. Sausage & Bean Pasta Bake

A firm favourite in our household and ready in just 30 minutes – a proper easy vegan recipe!

Smother this hearty sausage and bean pasta bake in melty vegan cheese and serve it with crusty, buttery garlic bread and a side of peas.

A baking dish filled with cheesy vegan sausage and bean pasta bake, with a serving spoon poised to scoop out a portion

Use a cast iron pan from hob to oven for a one-pot dish and minimal washing up.

4. Bakery-Style Triple Chocolate Cookies

Bakery-style cookies the size of your hand.

These rich and chocolatey cookies are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and generously filled with chunks of white, milk and dark vegan chocolate.

They couldn’t get much easier to make and they’re ready in under 20 minutes! A great one to make with children.

Vegan bakery style triple chocolate cookies in a paperbag

5. Jamaican Ginger Cake with Passion Fruit Icing

A sweet and sticky Jamaican ginger cake with the perfect amount of warming spice.

Paired with a refreshing and tangy vegan passion fruit icing that is perfect for cutting through the sweetness of the cake.

Just 15 minutes of prep time and then let it do it’s thing in the oven.

Two slices of sticky Jamaican ginger cake on a pretty pink and white patterned plate, topped with vegan icing and decorated with pink flowers


Hi, I’m Tara! I’m taking you on a trip around the world in vegan cuisine and bringing the world’s most delicious dishes to your kitchen.